Create Your Own Bracelet

Buying a bracelet in a store or online normally limits you to someone else’s imagination. We believe that all you need are the tools to create your own customized bracelet right from the comfort of your own home. TO do this we put together a great selection of adorable clasps, stunning beads and beautiful centerpieces and put them all into our own custom system to allow you to do just that… create a bracelet online that’s 100% You!

What can you use in your new customized bracelet?

Our selection of clasps includes gold and silver and ranges in styles from your traditional trigger and lobster clasps to adorable toggle clasps. To view all of them just go to the Bracelet Builder and click “View All” below the clasps.

We then built a great selection of beads including precious and semi-precious stones from amethyst to quartz, emeralds and more as well as gold and silver beads in different styles from polished shiny beads to brushed looks. We also offer our beads in different sizes from 4 to 12 millimeters. You can also chose the length of your custom bracelet from 7 to 9 inches.

As for the centerpiece we have handpicked a wide range of beautiful pieces which include silver and gold in different shapes and designs from hearts to figures and we also offer stunning precious and semiprecious stones set in gold or silver which include amethyst, sapphire, emerald and many more.

Click here to see a full list of our current beads and gemstones. (Once the Bracelet Builder loads… just click on the “View All” tab under the beads!)

How to create your own customized bracelet

We’ve made our bracelet builder so simple it’s fun to use. Just go to the builder and you can file through each of the clasps, beads and centerpieces and the name of each will pop-up so you know what you’re choosing. Then you can click the rose-colored “Continue” button to choose your length and one of our four logo charms.

If your inner designer is unsure of your creation you can easily add it to your Wishlist and come back when you’re ready to purchase.

If you want to see all of our beads, clasps and centerpieces then just click the “View All” below each category and browse through our selection. Then if you want to add one of the components to the Bracelet Builder, just click on the picture and it will automatically send it there. In order to allow you to mix and match beads we have built it so that you have to choose each side of the bracelet individually.

So, launch our Online Bracelet Builder and get started creating your own first truly customized bracelet while you sip your favorite drink in your favorite plushy slippers!

Let us know if you need a hand!