Build Your Own Bracelet Online

Welcome to our Build Your Own Bracelet area where you can see lots of fun and different ways you can create your own customized and personalized bracelet easily using our Online Bracelet Builder.


Desigining your own bracelet from scratch has never been as easy as it is now.  Simply browse through the available clasps, beads and charms until you find the perfect combination.

our clasps run from gold to silver and our centerpieces include diamond pave, gold and silver beads, diamond pave and gemstone connectors and diamond pave, gold and silver charms.  Our beads are beautifully cut from a variety of natural stones including amethyst, turquoise, cherry quartz, stunning aquamarine and much more.



Why not build your own bracelet?

Why be stuck with what others think is beautiful when you can choose what fits your taste, mood or even your wardrobe?

precious-gemstones1Simply go to our Online Bracelet Builder and choose the individual pieces you want to make up your bracelet or choose one of the pre-built bracelets which you can use as a starting ground to then customize to your own deisres.

Try it out!  Once you build a bracelet you can simply add it to your Wish List and even share it with your friends via Social Media.  Your Wish List items will be saved for you until you’re ready to buy.  No stress, no hassle, no problem!

Finally you can choose the right bracelet for you without having to even leave home. Our materials (gems, stones and metals) are all high-quality and come from all over the world.

So, are you ready to create your first customized DIY bracelet?

Yes! Build it now!