About Us

Krisztina, owner of Design Your Sparkle, first began making jewelry about 10 years ago after a friend took her to a local jewelry show. She instantly fell in love with beads but was particularly drawn toward precious and semi precious stones and all things diamond. Throughout the years she experimented with different designs and made countless bracelets and necklaces for family and friends. Jewelry making became her true passion.

Some time ago she sat down with a tray full of beads and different components and started wondering how to pair them with one another to appeal to a large range of customers.

Then she thought about how wonderful it would be to create an online tool that helps people design their own pieces, creating truly unique and one of a kind jewelry.

Creating a keepsake piece of jewelry makes for the perfect, thoughtful gift. Classy, personalized yet affordable, every piece is unique to the wearer, and there are many options for men as well as women.

All the jewelry on Design Your Sparkle is hand made to order from sunny Los Angeles, California, using 100% authentic pave diamonds, precious metals and precious or semi precious stone beads.

We are pleased to share this fun, easy to use method of designing your own, personalized jewelry with you.

Whether you decide to go with a classy, boho chic or simple design we are really excited to see your creations.

The possibilities are truly endless!

Much love,
The Design Your Sparkle Team